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DUI and criminal defense:

Virginia penalizes the DUI with a very severe punishment. Residents of Stafford Virginia believe that local law enforcement agencies maintain public safety in a number of ways. However, this does not mean that every detention is justified, or that each defendant is guilty. Fortunately, our legal and judicial system allows people to prove their innocence, sometimes even fewer or even fewer allegations of them.

The Department of Vehicles and the State Legislature determine penalties under Virginia law. Each case is unique, but the basic standards of the DUI penalties are as follows:

In case of the verdict if it may be the first time, results in cancellation for 12-month driving license and a fine of 250 US dollars.

The second conviction will result in the suspension of the driving license for 36 months and a fine of $ 500. If the conviction was taken over the passing decade, then it may take at least one month’s imprisonment. If conviction took place after the passing five years, then it may take at least two months’ imprisonment.

The third conviction will lead to an unspecified suspension of the driver’s license during a 90-day prison term. If the conviction is followed by two other persons within five years, the minimum term of imprisonment is six months. There has also been a loss of ownership of vehicles, with fines starting at $ 1,000. These fees are a felony.

Family laws:

The Family Laws covers more legal issues related to marriage and children. If you have a problem that needs to be resolved in a family court, you may find a valid law firm representing you in Virginia’s family law practice, in Stafford. Protecting your assets and your family is very important. Planning with a knowledgeable attorney can give you peace of mind that you may be looking for.

There are two types of divorces in Virginia: divorce on the bond of marriage or divorce from bed and board. Divorce from bed and board is basically legal separation; couples may not remarry. Divorce is absolute and final. Couples can usually separate themselves. However, property rights and custody issues may require help from qualified lawyers.

Personal injury:

Insurance companies do not want reconciliation, which means that more and more cases will go to trial. When you spend your day in court, make sure your lawyer is prepared to get results. It is important to work with a lawyer who will start the investigation right after the injury. Our legal team will collect evidence, including incident reports, police reports, medical papers, testimony of witnesses, and more evidence of accident. We trade directly with insurers on your behalf to safeguard your rights and claims. If necessary, we hire experts, including life planners, accountants, accident reconstruction and medical professionals.

Our legal team knows how serious injuries or improper deaths can affect your life. We take a comprehensive approach to finding the full compensation it deserves. Our priority is to solve your case as soon as possible. Whether we are negotiating a case in a settlement or issue case to court, we will continue to monitor your rights and your best interests.

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